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Stop Dog Barking Inaudibly 

This device adopts the working mode of pulse transposition scanning, which generates a strong ultrasonic wave 125dB and a strong white light 2800mcd, The Anti Barking Device can cause strong stimulation to dogs and cats (inaudible to human ears) to stop barking dogs and cats; when using dog training mode, it emits relatively weak and stable ultrasound waves to train pet dogs, military dogs, and police dogs to complete specific actions; it can also be used as a flashlight.


Material: Plastic Size:12.5cm*4cm*2.5cm(4.92*1.57*0.98inch)

Color: Black/Yellow

Coverage: About 10M

Note: Battery (9v stacked battery) is not included.

* 3 Modes

1.Flashlight, 2.Training Dog, 3. Driving Dog (ultrasonic wave 125dB)

 How to distinguish the Repeller works or not?

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