Hair Removal Comb for Dogs and Cats

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De-shedding Brush Grooming Tool For Pet Matted Long Curly Hair   

Treat your pets to the best with our high-quality pets hair removing grooming brush, designed to easily remove dead tangled hair from the pet's in one stride like a soothing massage spa, stimulates skin and hair follicles, smooth rounded Anti-static elasticity stainless steel nails teeth brush for complete grooming perfect finishing and fluffing.

1. Reducing the amount of hair loss.
2. Prevent hair knotting.
3. Timely detection of trauma and skin diseases.
4. Make pets more beautiful.
5.Promote the blood circulation of pets.

Features 1: Reducing the amount of hair loss
Features 2: Prevent hair knotting
Features 3: Timely detection of trauma and skin diseases
Features 4: Make pets more beautiful
Features 5: Promote the blood circulation of pets
Small Size: Length 172*Width 65 * High 27 mm(11 cutter head)
Large Size: Length 172*Width 90 * High 27 mm(17 cutter head)
Package Include: 1 x Pet Comb


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